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QR Codes – “Stands for Quick Response”

In the world of Retail and customer service, mobile can no longer be an after thought to an overall Marketing Strategy. Nine0Media works with you to leverage your mobile or internet assets. At Nine0Media we are able to offer flexible solutions that meet your needs.

You know its okay to finish second, third or maybe even last in this race. The important thing is that your in this Marathon now and that as this niche grows – last from when you first started this race will be a lot closer to first, then if you wait to join next year as more and more companies join this new mobile marketing revolution.

QR Code by Nine0MediaWell over 100 million smart phones in the US. Consumers already engage in shopping- related activities on their mobile phones.

Nine0Media’s Quality custom QR codes are an indispensable tool in your companies marketing arsenal. We deliver a unique look to you- It’s yours and Identifiable that create’s separation between you and your competitors.

Nine0Media can supply additional services to make sure your on target with your QR code Marketing Strategy, delivering “click through analytics”, “account history reporting” “editable destination URL’s”, and optional short URL or Native URL.

Having Nine0Media on your team to implement your QR Code design and implementation service will most certainly take the guess work out of the equation, it can be as simple as a simple QR Code, to a full comprehensive social media campaign.

We look forward to speaking with you and discussing your needs. You can call or contact us using the following methods.

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