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What is more effective for SEO, SEO Tools, Quality Content or Social Media

I had a client ask the other day about using SEO Tools for reporting. This was an interesting conversation and for the first time I was able to show a client and introduce them to the world of SEO Tools and which ones are useful and which SEO Tools that are more “Phishing” for you to buy their SEO products and services.

The first SEO Tools I would recommend using would be Open Site Explorer. I would recommend using Open Site Explorer if you are to start to read and perform on-site SEO reporting. SEMRush is another good tool to use and might give more on-site analysis. 

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Time to Engage, Staying Active in Social Media

Now that you have setup your social media accounts and you have scheduled your posts, its time to engage with in that social media account. For this example we will focus on Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

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The Importance of Social Media Management

It’s a fact that that there has been some turbulence when it comes to the Google algorithm updates lately. Mozcast displays this well with a Temperature reading and displays the turbulence with temperature fluctuation. Make sure to bookmark that and keep them on your daily radar. Mozcast is very accurate and a great resource.

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Have you heard the news yet? Get ready to start saving your money back to buy a ton of new domains as the race is on January…

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Can you say Facebook, LinkedIn, Groupon, and YouTube in the same sentence? How SEO and social media grew in 2010 made Internet history, global history offline, and…

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Do you want to find profitable Niches and use the same SEO Keyword Research Tool as Internet Marketing Ninja’s? Do you want to drive traffic to your…

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