Why Social Media

Customer Communications have Changed, Why Social Media for your Small Business

social-media-managementLike old time movies, the days of quill and ink to the present era of technological advancements, the method of advertising and attracting customers has grown by leaps and bounds. The ideas, notions and mediums chosen by companies have all changed with consumers forcing the status quo due to their altering needs and likes. The customers have lead businesses to a new medium to rely on, at present, is the “Social Enterprise” strategy. Hoping to strike a chord with consumers and to gain recognition businesses are engaging social media via networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube of the likes to bolster growth. We at Nine0Media believe it is imperative for companies, in order to grab the attention of the consumers is to share ideas, information and socialize to make their presence felt. Interaction and information is the new standard now. Interacting with people and engaging them is the key to gaining visibility. This new “Social Enterprise” strategy is quickly becoming the “standard” companies in dealing with customers (potential), clients, employees, and even competitors. A Social Media Strategy strengthens communications and compliments an Integrated Marketing approach.

An overview of the Social Enterprise as follows:

  1. Clear communication, from the owner, CEO, and/or president to the entry-level employees is a must with no room for misunderstandings. Socializing dominates, in the company, with staff or outside in the field, even with clients. Every one tells the same story(company’s). Connectivity and team building can only show up with crystal clear communication. This connectivity built makes it possible for the company to harness its decision making process and yield high results. The implementation benefits break the hierarchy for the good and will be capable of stirring innovative ideas for the company. Person to Person Recommendation is one of the paramount features of Social Networking sites, this facilitates and is by far one of the most productive ways to promote a company (Brand). Rather than merely using it merely for Marketing purposes, Social Media tools must
    be used to leverage Branding.
  2. Acting as an upfront platform, Social Networking sites enable consumers and companies to communicate directly. Open lines of
    communication enables consumers to express their likes and dislikes about a service, product or company. This transparency with respect to understanding consumer behavior saves time and money, including the added benefit “consumer trust”. Companies can address the grievances of clients and consumers, if any and bury the issue immediately. They can personally apologize to the consumer and solve the problem at ease giving no opportunity for rants and loathing – Humanizing the solution.
  3. The Social Enterprise approach revolves around insightful knowledge and content to people. Increasingly inclined towards information Social Networking sites are full of people in need of assistance to tackle a particular problem or are looking for an update to something new and interesting. Companies must take charge and address their needs to prevent them moving to other competitors. Creating separation from others in the same domain through creativity may enable you to break out of the clutter.
  4. Smart phones and Tablets have basically solidified Social Networking and made these sites even more popular. We are glued to social networking sites throughout the day with the help of Mobility that these mobile devices have granted, making most people even more social-savy.
  5. We at Nine0Media believe as fact that Social Networking channels are the best places to exert a pull on the consumers, as tis is where they stay most of the time. Instituting a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, companies can effectively use the realm of social networking channels to their advantage. Besides, its is one of the most economical strategies to measure your Brand sentiments. Antagonistic selling has already turned out to be futile, it’s just a matter of time where it shall be non-existent. Interaction, participation and connection is the new standard. The massive growth of Social Networking has paved the way for exponential reach and the empowerment of brand for companies.

Nine0Media’s Social Media Strategy is simple and intricate at the same time.

There is a considerable amount expertise, time and energy involved in order to reap the benefits from these channels. Nine0Media – Social Media consulting services can enable you to foster a relationship with your consumer and flex your marketing muscles to make the most out of these channels.
Its all about employing the social media networking channels to empower your branding and marketing online. Nine0Media has full knowledge that the most popular platform is Social Networking where people spend most of time, a place to engage them and grasp their attention. Engage Nine0Media as your Team player now.

Social Media Management for $59.00!

$59.00 Basic Social Media Management Plan includes:

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