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Comprehensive Social Media Integration

Endorse Social MediaAt Nine0Media we believe its becoming more apparent and important to include an integrated Social Media component to any new Website Development project. With that being said, there is another trend that is progressing very quickly – “mobile devices”, be it the iPhone, Android, iPad, tablets of all sorts, recently more “mobile devices” have been purchased than “laptops” and in this society with a drive through mentality – “I’m hungry and I want to eat now”, people will and are wanting to digest information in the same way.

Now businesses will require the combination of digital and traditional media working together. In having a conversation with a customer, it may begin in the traditional media (print media, website etc.) and continue in Digital what we call (Mobile Devices) or vice versa. So it is important to have a holistic view of that conversation, where it came from and how we interact with customers. Nine0Media believes companies should be investing in systems and tools for the upcoming Digital push. If you don’t have the capability to know where your customers are, what there doing, and the behavior they are exhibiting, it is really difficult to know how to relate to them. Flexibility shall be key, having the technology expertise and platforms that allow you to be flexible in the content you deliver to customers. The combination of really good insight and analytics, and the ability to take action on that from a targeting and content management perspective is very important. Understanding how customers are behaving related to your products, services and brand – and take that insight and use it to inform the way you think about interacting back with them in the Digital space.

Verification and PartnershipFor a company and their brand to stay engaged in the always connected type of environment, it is important to understand the human reaction. When you issue personally relevant content (and ads), people dedicate a significantly increased level of cognitive resources to processing that. 75 percent of people multitask – watching TV, or performing other tasks and, at the same time, using the internet – so your company, “a Brand”, you need to understand that if someone is seeing your communications, they are not necessarily dedicating all their attention to understand it. Your site has to be personally and contextually relevant to the customer. If it is not, you just have a site that is not connecting with people. Knowing that there are so many different types of digital communication out there, you need to make it relevant and specific to that person for your brand to connect with him or her.

Self ExpressionWhat’s amazing about digital is it changes what’s possible, in ways that weren’t there before. The ability to meet the needs of and to delight customers is magnified, by a huge degree, by social media, technology, and mobile – all of the
new tools available to customers. At Nine0Media we say focus on authenticity. Digital means that it is really hard to pretend. If you have a story and you don’t believe in it or it isn’t true, it gets found out. Where as if you do believe in it and live it and its genuine, then that comes through. One of the most important things businesses can do today is to know who you are and be about that.

Its a challenge and an opportunity to use the various connection points, to be able to go out and use all those platforms to connect with consumers. Businesses need to stay engaged, staying out in the marketplace and listening to your fans. It means following your fans through social media, your website and even going out and meeting them at events. It really means understanding how fans connect with you, so you can then continue to connect with them.

Digital Business WorldCompletely digital is the idea that for businesses to be successful today they need to start with digital rather than traditional Media. The future for both traditional and digital media will be like all changes – having more of an impact in the long run and taking a bit longer than we imagined. In the short term we may say that its the resurgence of the US economy that will create the spark. We can’t wait with anticipation we must prepare now with a solid foundation. For those who separate the short-term impact from the long-term impact, and in the long term we know that traditional media will become digital and those that adapt now with the transformation will survive. Nine0Media can help you now.

Social Media Management for $59.00!

$59.00 Basic Social Media Management Plan includes:

  • 1-2 Social Media Accounts
  • 4 Posts per week per Social Media Account (up to 8 posts per week)
  • Image, Text and Link Posts
  • Coupon and Discount Campaign Promotions