How to Stay Active within your Social Media Accounts

How to Stay Active within your Social Media Accounts

Time to Engage, Staying Active in Social Media

Now that you have setup your social media accounts and you have scheduled your posts, its time to engage with in that social media account. For this example we will focus on Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

Setting up and configuring your Google+ account requires that you follow circles and follow “People”. A Twitter account requires that Following over 20 twitter accounts before you can continue your account setup. And a Facebook account requires you to “like” suggested accounts and pages. Most social media accounts actually help make it easy to stay active in social media. Staying active in social media is really as simple as engaging in topics within communities and or groups that interest you or your business. If its relative and you enjoy it, then share it.

Helpful Social Media Tips #SocialMediaTools

  • Share Content that is interesting to you (make sure its work safe).
  • Join Communities or Groups that interest you.
  • Answer Questions and Provide input within Discussions and Open Chats.
  • Provide Reference Links when Posting or Sharing.
  • Join Content Curation websites that help you spread your message.
  • If you Follow or Like someone in one Social Media account, see what other Accounts they have and Follow those social media accounts as well.

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Article is written by Brandyn Garske of Nine0Media

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