How to Create a Blog Post in WordPress

How to Create a Blog Post in WordPress

How to Create a Dynamic Page or Blog Post in WordPress

create wordpress blog postNow that your content is in and you have organized your Articles, it is time to do your first WordPress blog post. A WordPress blog post is dynamic content on your Website. Creating a blog post is similar to creating a static page for your website, except for the fact that a blog post should be relevant up to date information that is informative to the reader. Its important to think as a reader or a website user when creating blog posts. With Social Media being a great resource for sharing content these days, its now important that the blog post is interesting and provides information the reader or website user can share on Social Media.

Things to Remember for WordPress Blog Posts:

  • Make sure to have your keywords placed strategically through out your article but still make sure your keywords are readable and flow with the Article.
  • Do not spam your keywords through out the Article and link only informational content. Try not to push keywords by linking them and do not over populate the article with unnecessary placed of forced keywords.
  • Always post your content with a fair Text to HTML ratio, using Header Tags and Unordered or Ordered Lists (ul, ol) when possible.
  • Make sure to keep your Header Tags in order, example: never post an H3 before an H2.
  • Always use images that best describe your content, as well as place the primary keyword in the image Alt Tag.
  • Make sure to use your internal links to help the reader or user find a product, service or further information on the linked word or phrase.
  • Make sure to use Tags that best represent your primary or targeted keyword. Always use tags that contain at least 1 primary or targeted keyword.

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