How to Add Google +1 to Your Blog Posts

How to Add Google +1 to Your Blog Posts

Adding Google +1 to Your Blog Posts or Dynamic Pages

google plus one nine0mediaNow that you have performed your keyword research, setup your metadata, ordered your content, setup your social media accounts and created a blog posting schedule, its time to add your Google +1 code to your blog posts or dynamic pages. A Google +1 allows readers to share or recommend the blog post or content to their circles on Google Plus.

Nine0Media DIY SEO is process of white hat SEO as well as staying active in social media. Adding a Google +1 button to your blog posts or dynamic pages will allow readers to share and spread your content through out Google Plus. This will provide relevant content for you to interact with and comment on within Google Plus. Make sure to post your new content (blog posts and dynamic pages) to your Google Plus account. Make sure that those posts or pages that your share on Google Plus have your Google +1 button added. This will allow your Google Plus audience to view your new content as well as provide them the option to share on Google Plus.

How to setup the Google +1 Code

  1. Go to the Google +1 button Developers page.
  2. Customize your Google +1 Button; (change the size of the button, change the annotation, set the width as well as select the language)
  3. Copy and Past the Google +1 button code into your Blog Posts or Dynamic Pages
  4. Copy the Paste the Google +1 button code before and or after your Blog Post or Dynamic Content, so the Google +1 button is visible for your readers to share.

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Article is written by Brandyn Garske of Nine0Media

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