SEO and Social Media Growth in 2010

SEO and Social Media Growth in 2010

Can you say Facebook, LinkedIn, Groupon, and YouTube in the same sentence? How SEO and social media grew in 2010 made Internet history, global history offline, and anything else you can think. When we all want to hang with our friends and family, Facebook and MySpace were great ideas, at the time.


How SEO and Social Media Grew

But, businesses got street smart. In a blink of an eye, things changed. If you did not move fast enough as a social media avenue, you got left behind. MySpace is still there, but Facebook now rivals Google! Facebook never had a clue what they started and they allowed it to happen. The rest as you can say his history! Give the people what they want and they did! If they did not find what they were looking for, they would go elsewhere.

With SEO or search engine optimization, this was the catalyst to backlinks. No longer having to worry about promoting a product or a service anymore the traditional way through search engines and also paying for clicks, changed the way we all do business.

We can go make a Fan Page on Facebook or even pay to advertise or even leave our link to our website in our profile or anytime we send an email. That is the definition of a backlink. An article can be written and submitted to article directories, our link is hidden in a keyword, and the person just clicks on the link and checks things out. They also can share their wonderful find with everyone by hitting the Facebook button or any other social media site button.

LinkedIn was designed for business and it is great if you have never checked it out. There is no worry about mixing your personal with your business as it is designed for business. YouTube was bought by Google in case you missed the news. But, it is no longer just designed for fun. Businesses are smart. Make a video and grab their attention, click on the link, and buy! Another cool way for backlinks! Also, subscribe to their channel and newsletters for more information.

There are many knock offs now but do not let that deceive you. Groupon was ingenious and look how much it is worth now! Everyone is begging to own it as we speak! What will SEO and social media do for 2012?

By: Brandyn Garske

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