From Panda 25 to Penguin 2.0, SEO Spam-Fighting and the Effects

From Panda 25 to Penguin 2.0, SEO Spam-Fighting and the Effects

Has your Website been effected by Panda #25 and or Penguin 2.0 Google Algorithm Changes?

On March 14th 2013 we got to see Google’s last Panda update before Panda would be integrated into the core Algorithm. Effects from this role out were seen almost instantly with some websites seeing up to a %40 hit in traffic.

On May 21st 2013 we Google released a Domain Crowding update that reached very deep into the SERPs. This update effected websites as deep as Page 2 and 3. If you were hit with this update you noticed your website to instantly disappear form the Top 100. As a reverse effect, we at Nine0Media noticed our clients climbing in the SERPs, possibly due to competition being “Spammy” and eliminated from Google Top 100. This is just more proof that if you practice White Hat Organic SEO Techniques you will stand a better chance against Algorithm Updates and future Knowledge Graph refreshes.

On May 22nd 2013 we were hit with the 4th Penguin Update, Penguin 2.0. This update came with a lot of hype, but in reality turned out to be moderate compared to earlier Penguin Updates. Matt Cutts of Google states; “the new generation of tech should better stop spam.” With this statement coming from the Head of Google’s Spam fighting division we can almost be certain that websites that we not in compliance to Google Webmaster Guidelines would be effected in one way or another. This is the next generation of Spam-Fighting and the New Penguin 2.0 technology seems to be powerful and is really cleaning up. Some effects from this update were very apparent and some sites reported a significant page positioning loss as well as up to %33 traffic loss. Once again, once such a strong and powerful update it released, your normally see the “Spam” sites disappear and your ‘Quality Content” driven websites start to gain traction in the SERPs. With Bing following close to the Google Index, you can see the negative and positive effects with in Bing as well, just not as dramatic.

IF you were effected at all from these recent “May 2013” Google updates its important to remember some simple facts:

  • Make sure to provide Quality Content for your Users
  • Always Copyscape your content just to make sure there is no Duplicate content
  • Be aware of the ever changing Google Webmaster Guidelines
  • Refrain from over Linking, or Refrain from Linking at all, Quality Content should be powerful enough on its own
  • Practice White Hat SEO techniques and get back to the Basics
  • Remember Website Structure is HUGE and can make a significant difference in the Algorithm updates to come

At Nine0Media are here to help educate and inform our readers and clients. Please feel free to contact us at Nine0Media for an further information on current Google Algorithm updates or and what can be implemented to help with future Knowledge Graph and Algorithm updates to come.

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