Domain Name Policy Changes

Domain Name Policy Changes

Have you heard the news yet? Get ready to start saving your money back to buy a ton of new domains as the race is on January 12th, 2012. The reason? Well, you know dot com, dot net, and dot whatever right? The correct name is TLDs or top level domains. So, this means you find your domain name you want and dot com is not available you try for dot net as people really pay attention to your domain name. That is the part in front. Like tacos dot com. You will try to get as close as you can to the original dot com name for competition. Get ready to throw that out the window and hold on tight!!

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Policy Changes to Take Effect Jan. 2012

According to ICAN, the people that makes the rules and tells all of us what to do with how we can use them, buy them, renew them, and so on they are going to loosen things up. This is going to make Internet history! How would you like to snag brand new TLDs like your daughter or son’s name? What about being the most famous restaurant or celebrity chef in the world?

This is going to be called gTLDs. It was announced three years ago and now it is officially going to be accepted starting January 12th to April 12th only. If you are a real business, a city, (not sure about country or state), or an organization (think Blue Cross, Red Cross, etc.), jump on the band wagon. If they are approved, you will be operational by the late part of 2013.

So get ready for Facebook dot Facebook not dot come. Or how about Hooters dot Hooters? If you could own like your own name, dot com, dot net, and your own country. You could have that market locked so freaking tight and become worth millions overnight!

By: Brandyn Garske

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