Advancing Your Brand

Advancing Your Brand

Your Customers, are you devoted to them?

For customer service benefits, Facebook is a great tool in your content marketing arsenal. The important thing you need to remember about Social Media while building and promoting your products, sales and blog is that the likes of Facebook are their to help you engage and primarily build a rapport with your potential (and existing) customers.

You will start to see, and it’s already taking place amongst a number of progressive companies a new segment and/or industry standard with the label “ Socially Devoted”. These companies will start to measure data analyzing response times with regards to social inter-action on their various Social Media platforms.

Your business shall need to prepare for this rising trend, those early adopters shall be the leaders, that is if executed properly:

  • Transparency, people shall have the ability to leave both good and bad comments for everyone to see on Facebook walls.
  • At least 60 to 70 percent of questions and even certain comments should be replied to, 30 percent is the standard presently.
  • A goal to strive for with regards to queries, answers within 10 to 30 minutes, with some organizations implementing a 24/7 customer service.

The most important thought consideration is to be consistent organize your present customer service and make adjustments for the new “ Socially Devoted” standard.

As an example that brands are in need of consistency, lets look at Ebay, they have more than three million Facebook fans, which undoubtedly is an amazing figure, though with an average response time of 740 minutes for an average response rate of 4.8 percent (not so impressive). Ebay should invest in a better response and rate with allocating the necessary resources.

On the other side of the spectrum Acer Indonesia gets back to people in around 20 minutes and answers an average of 95 percent of posts over seeing just over 612,000 Facebook fans.

Then you have some companies who just close their walls for user comments, like Microsoft, American Express and British Airways. Which is rather puzzling you communicate to the masses in marketing to get attention, then the masses give you attention, you chose to ignore it.

What businesses must understand is you want to openly engage your Facebook fans through a transparent window, one benefit is that your customers may end up seeing you as Trustworthy and Honest leading to a more outwardly exchange of their personal details for your marketing purposes.

“Socially Devoted” and Business ? If you should do customer care in Social Media ? In reality, it’s only a of when and how. We at Nine0Media are here to help.

By: Brandyn Garske

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