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What is more effective for SEO, SEO Tools, Quality Content or Social Media

I had a client ask the other day about using SEO Tools for reporting. This was an interesting conversation and for the first time I was able to show a client and introduce them to the world of SEO Tools and which ones are useful and which SEO Tools that are more “Phishing” for you to buy their SEO products and services.

The first SEO Tools I would recommend using would be Open Site Explorer. I would recommend using Open Site Explorer if you are to start to read and perform on-site SEO reporting. SEMRush is another good tool to use and might give more on-site analysis. 

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Get Your Company Noticed With The Help of Local Business Listings

As a business owner, you need to make sure your potential customers know about and are able to contact your business. That is why the advertisement of your company is so important. Thanks to the internet, there are so many ways business owners just like you can advertise their product or service to a very large amount of people. When potential customers can easily find and do business with your company, it makes both you and your customers happy. The customer gets what he or she is looking for and your business makes money. In order for this to happen, though, you need your company to get good exposure. If you live in San Diego and are looking for a company to help you find customers, you need Nine0Media to help with your Local Business Listings for your company or website.

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Creating Powerful Business Directory Listings with Local Business Directories

The business industry is highly competitive, but to get an edge on your competition it will take not only good advertising but high visibility online. You may already have an online address (URL) with a great website and doing what you consider the right things. Yet, if sales are down and your competition seem to be flourishing from your past customers, then it is time you try another strategy, a local business directory listing will work for your Business.

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SEO Consulting with Nine0Media

seo-wordpress-nine0mediaNine0Media is your all in one SEO Consulting Service company in San Diego. Nine0Media provides Full Service, Basic Service and DYI SEO Service plans to meet every budget. Call Nine0Media at (858) 212-3690 for a Free Quote or to speak to an SEO Consultant for a custom SEO plan. Below are 3 SEO Consulting Service plans to meet the needs of the small business or the private entity the needs high quality White Hat SEO. For more information contact Nine0Media –

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Have you Updated and Submitted a New Sitemap, Refresh your Sitemaps

Just a friendly reminder from Nine0Media, don’t forget to refresh your Sitemaps and submit them to your Webmaster tools. The SERPS love an updated Sitemap and being consistent on Sitemap submissions is very important. Google and Bing make it very easy to submit through Webmaster tools.

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Google +1s and Higher Search Rankings

I read a very interesting Article the other day at Seems the brilliant PHD’s at might have found a correlation between Google +1 and Higher Search Rankings.

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3 Helpful Tips in a Beginners Guide to Better SEO

I am always looking for the White Hat SEO techniques out there that are effective and affordable. A great resource is formally Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz has been stressing the importance lately of using all Social Media outlets available and use proper posting techniques for effective social signals. One of the most effective forms of Page Ranking and or an increase web presence is the use of Video, Video SEO. In this post today we will be going over a beginners guide to seo. First we will start with what is trending well today and talk about basics and Video SEO.

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Is SEO Dead, Are Backlinks still Relevant? Recently I have been asked, is SEO Dead? My answer is very simple and precise, “No, White Hat SEO pays…

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