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Can Google help Optimize your Local Business Listing

Using Google for a Local Business Listing

A local business listing is an excellent tool to use when looking for a particular type of business. A local business directory offers a large number of categories of businesses that are in different fields and in various niches. A local business directory can help a person find a business that offers exactly the products and services that they are looking for. (more…)

Some say SEO is Dead, Nine0Media says White Hat SEO Pays Off

Is SEO Dead, Are Backlinks still Relevant?

Recently I have been asked, is SEO Dead? My answer is very simple and precise, “No, White Hat SEO pays off, now More than Ever”. White Hat SEO, or true Organic SEO is a simple method, and is paying off more that ever with the recent Penguin 4 and Google Knowledge Graph updates.

Some simple practices you can do to perform White Hat SEO are; Clean up your Website Structure (a Silo Style format for Content Organization is preferred here), Provide Quality Content for your readers with very little to no external links (if your Content is Relevant and High-Quality then extensive Linking can actually hurt your Content), Clean up Sloppy Code (make sure to pay attention to your Text/HTML ratio), and Stay Active in Social Media (Post with Social Signals 2-3 times per week). These are just some simple practices to help you with White Hat SEO and White Hat techniques that can possibly help your Organic ranking.

Some websites are seeing an impact in dramatically decreased traffic and “wiped off the map” organic ranking due to the recent Google Panda and Penguin Algorithm updates. There are many contributing factors that can cause these negative impacts but the bottom line is if you practiced any form of Black Hat or Gray Hat SEO (normally with extensive linking) then you will soon if not already see the impact from the Google Panda and Penguin updates. The Web Spam clean up is real and officially upon us. As we at Nine0Media have preached for many years now, White Hat SEO can take triple the amount of time, but the results are organic and powerful!

In conclusion, SEO will never Die, but you might see a major shift to White Hat ONLY SEO, with a small morph into website structure with quality content management. Looking forward to what Google has in store for the future – here we come Knowledge Graph!

More SEO with Less Money

Whether you have a large business or small, SEO should be an integrated part of your business strategy. With regards to marketing strategies SEO is one of the greatest. Properly implemented SEO will help your become successful.

The thoughts of SEO being expensive, is leading business owners to second thoughts because of budgetary restraints. Nine0media has good news – SEO executed properly can be affordable.

We have put together a small list on how to save money on implementing an SEO strategy.

1. – Goal Setting. Like the old saying goes “You don’t plan to fail – You fail to plan”. Make sure you develop a plan. This is the first step, what are your company goals and what do you expect to achieve with SEO. The plan will set the direction in which your company will go. Some SEO indicators will include, social networking sites, brand mentions covering links to name just a few.

2. – Proper Key-wording. In order to maximize your online website visibility and the way more people will access your website, you need to target a group of clients or a niche, this in turn will facilitate your ability to come up with the proper key words or tags. By matching the keywords or tags based on your customers behavior and specific needs you can maximize your website’s visibility.There are also various other methods to increase your and/or maximize your keyword research using various tools, and competitive keyword research.

3. – The social media advantage . With social media you’ll be able to put your company in front of millions of potential customers through social media participation. Opening a Facebook or YouTube account is easy and enables you to promote your service or product economically. This tool can be used to gather feed back, create awareness, collect suggestions, and respond to customer needs, through behavior to strengthen your business. Social media presents many opportunities, such as advertising to your target, link building and many more.

4. – Build your Website, speak through your Blog. Take advantage of SEO by building your home base(s) One where you package all your company’s products or services easily accessible to the public. The other where you successfully produce good content material and interact with your customer(s).
No. five – Guest posting . This is one way to to get free links. Other wise known as “Link Juice” this is a Google approved way to help your site to rank well. Choose other related sites, and the more you guest post the more free powerful links you can get.

Take your business to the next level by incorporating these strategies.

By: Brandyn Garske

Domain Name Policy Changes

Have you heard the news yet? Get ready to start saving your money back to buy a ton of new domains as the race is on January 12th, 2012. The reason? Well, you know dot com, dot net, and dot whatever right? The correct name is TLDs or top level domains. So, this means you find your domain name you want and dot com is not available you try for dot net as people really pay attention to your domain name. That is the part in front. Like tacos dot com. You will try to get as close as you can to the original dot com name for competition. Get ready to throw that out the window and hold on tight!!

domain names

Policy Changes to Take Effect Jan. 2012

According to ICAN, the people that makes the rules and tells all of us what to do with how we can use them, buy them, renew them, and so on they are going to loosen things up. This is going to make Internet history! How would you like to snag brand new TLDs like your daughter or son’s name? What about being the most famous restaurant or celebrity chef in the world?

This is going to be called gTLDs. It was announced three years ago and now it is officially going to be accepted starting January 12th to April 12th only. If you are a real business, a city, (not sure about country or state), or an organization (think Blue Cross, Red Cross, etc.), jump on the band wagon. If they are approved, you will be operational by the late part of 2013.

So get ready for Facebook dot Facebook not dot come. Or how about Hooters dot Hooters? If you could own like your own name, dot com, dot net, and your own country. You could have that market locked so freaking tight and become worth millions overnight!

By: Brandyn Garske

SEO and Social Media Growth in 2010

Can you say Facebook, LinkedIn, Groupon, and YouTube in the same sentence? How SEO and social media grew in 2010 made Internet history, global history offline, and anything else you can think. When we all want to hang with our friends and family, Facebook and MySpace were great ideas, at the time.


How SEO and Social Media Grew

But, businesses got street smart. In a blink of an eye, things changed. If you did not move fast enough as a social media avenue, you got left behind. MySpace is still there, but Facebook now rivals Google! Facebook never had a clue what they started and they allowed it to happen. The rest as you can say his history! Give the people what they want and they did! If they did not find what they were looking for, they would go elsewhere.

With SEO or search engine optimization, this was the catalyst to backlinks. No longer having to worry about promoting a product or a service anymore the traditional way through search engines and also paying for clicks, changed the way we all do business.

We can go make a Fan Page on Facebook or even pay to advertise or even leave our link to our website in our profile or anytime we send an email. That is the definition of a backlink. An article can be written and submitted to article directories, our link is hidden in a keyword, and the person just clicks on the link and checks things out. They also can share their wonderful find with everyone by hitting the Facebook button or any other social media site button.

LinkedIn was designed for business and it is great if you have never checked it out. There is no worry about mixing your personal with your business as it is designed for business. YouTube was bought by Google in case you missed the news. But, it is no longer just designed for fun. Businesses are smart. Make a video and grab their attention, click on the link, and buy! Another cool way for backlinks! Also, subscribe to their channel and newsletters for more information.

There are many knock offs now but do not let that deceive you. Groupon was ingenious and look how much it is worth now! Everyone is begging to own it as we speak! What will SEO and social media do for 2012?

By: Brandyn Garske

SEO in 4 Basic Steps

Do you want to find profitable Niches and use the same SEO Keyword Research Tool as Internet Marketing Ninja’s? Do you want to drive traffic to your website? Are you looking for quality Organic traffic? If so, then here are 5 Things you should know about Keyword Research tools.


White Hat SEO Techniques

Search Engine Optimization can be performed in many different ways. The basic White Hat SEO techniques begin with good website content and the proper code.

First, all web pages need a Title and a Description that explain the website as well as all products and services. All images on your website need to have Alt tags and all Alt tags should match the saved file name. One of the most important parts is that all Keywords need to be placed on each page that you want to rank. Each page can have its own unique set of Keywords. Also, It is good practice to never set more than 21 Keywords or phrases per webpage.

Second, selecting the correct Keywords can be very difficult. Keywords are selected with many conditions set in place. It is good practice to use a Keyword Generating Tool that will show you the Competition for that Keyword or Phrase. Also, you always want to be able to view that keyword or phrases Local and Global Searches. This will help you determine which keywords will work best for the target audience.

Third, you can select different Keywords for all ranking pages. This means that you should select Keywords that are appropriate for the corresponding webpage. This will help target an audience for that individual webpage.

Fourth and finally, you want to do research on the correct Keywords for your website. For example, Long Tail Keywords are great for targeting a Local audience and negative Keywords can help with ranking and website competition. Try to select Keywords that relate to your website and always try to use Keywords that focus on your Niche Market.

So for your best results in Search Engine Optimization, use a Keyword Research Tool to make your SEO count! Remember that using the incorrect Keywords can damage your search engine rankings. Using the correct Keywords can ONLY improve your website ranking and website quality!

By: Brandyn Garske