Twitter Top Trends #LoveYouMoreThan

There is a Top Trend on Twitter today #LoveYouMoreThan

Some of these Tweets are just too funny to pass up so I am going to list a Top 5 Tweets for the Top Trend #LoveYouMoreThan

Top 5 Tweets to #LoveYouMoreThan

  • #LoveYouMoreThan a pig loves not being bacon @Evil_Dumbledore
  • If I say I #LoveYouMoreThan food, you better feel special @JayyyAria
  • #LoveYouMoreThan my truck…..just kidding @Genuine_Truth
  • If I say that I #LoveYouMoreThan cookies…it’s a big deal @aokayyo
  • We’re seeing all your messages of love lets spread it further..the love that is we #LoveYouMoreThan BMX tricksters that can’t do tricks.. @TheWantedMusic


By: Brandyn Garske

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