Reputation Management

What is Reputation Management?

Over the years the explosive growth of social networks blogs online forums including other forms of sharing information have been main stream. We now have mobile instant engagement which basically tells a story in real-time so now as a business you really need a system in place to practice making your company look your best. Nine0Media can provide an integrated system to accomplish that through a controlled approach monitoring your online search results social media and review sites. Not only that we’ll keep our year to the ground because reputation management is now critical.

Reputation-MangementA reputation for a company can account for basically 70% of its value now with approximately 90% of customers researching companies on the Internet before doing any business with them and the majority of these consumers are checking reviews as one of the sources of reference. Reputation is now everything, should your company have the misfortune of having negativity in any form, this could mean a loss of business revenue and even the possibility of a chance of going out of business.

Nine0media’s main goal with regards to our reputation management system involves reducing visibility of negative websites controlling the messaging and the voice, monitoring social signals including the online buzz from other various sources in order to be able to continuously modify and adapt the strategy your business. Your business whether established or just starting out is working hard to grow and build a great reputation for all customers. It is so frustrating for businesses to experience extremely damaging negative content when people are searching for the very services they offer only to see a degrading website appear. It is apparent that this is very discouraging but as a business owner you feel violated and helpless. The current laws are insufficient to prevent total strangers and or competitors from damaging your online reputation. Also it is of utmost importance to prevent private information from being disclosed and made for the public to see.

Reputation Lock DownThe web gives you the opportunity to connect, has great transparency and is now driven by organic user generated content. Understandably, this means regardless of merit any message or content can be put out there for the world to see. Sadly content driven complaint and review sites are very powerful and generally ranked very well, also if you noticed the negative reviews always seem to rise to the top.

So what your business needs just to know is what type of conversations are taking place on the web and to get involved in the talk as a first step.

Let Nine0Media custom design a reputation management system just for your company so you can concentrate on making your business a success.