DIY SEO with Nine0Media #DIYSEO

seo-wordpress-nine0mediaNine0Media is your all in one SEO Consulting Service company in San Diego. Welcome to Nine0Media Do It Yourself SEO #DIYSEO Plan. DIY SEO is perfect for the Small Business that has a limited budget for SEO and Social Media Management. Learn to perform basic White Hat SEO, Video SEO, Setup and Manage Social Media Accounts and learn which Business Directory Listings you should be part of. Below you will find all resources available for DIY SEO as well as Nine0Media DIY SEO Knowledge Base. For more information on DIY SEO or SEO Consulting in San Diego, contact Nine0Media (858) 212-3690 or

What you Need to Begin DIY SEO #DIYSEO

Before you begin DIY SEO you will need the following:

  • Organize all Admin Access to your Hosting Account, FTP and Website, CMS and or Admin Backend

  • Figure out what Platform your Website operates on (PHP, HTML, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, .ASP) and decide the best way to install dynamic content to your Website. The easiest way and what we at Nine0Media recommend is to install WordPress on your current website platform and use WordPress as your Blog to post Dynamic Content. IF you already have a WordPress Site then you can skip this step.

DIY SEO Resources

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