Do you have your own website? Maybe you work for a company that is bases online and provides goods or a service? Or maybe you just have an informational Blog that you like to share with the world. No matter what type of website you have, then main goal is to get information out to the world, via the World Wide Web.


White Hat SEO

In this article I will break down the basic steps into performing proper White Hat SEO. Proper White Hat Search Engine Optimization is legal techniques used to boost your search engine rankings as well as gain traffic to your website.

Establishing a domain name and uploading a website is the first step in getting noticed on the World Wide Web. Once you have selected a domain name and you have uploaded a website you need to decide on what your website vertical will be focusing on and what demographic you will be targeting. Since the majority of websites provide a service or sell a product, I will use a Floral Sales Website as an example. So, in this case your focus will be on selling flowers and you will be selecting a target demographic to shoot for. In this example we will say the target demographic will be 25-45 year old Males.

Now that you have established what your website will be providing and who you want to see it, you can focus on reaching your customers. This begins at the website content. The website content needs to begin with clean code, should have text on all pages, and should include the following search features; Site Title, Site Description, Keywords and Alt Tags. It is very important to use high ranking Keywords in your website Title and website Description. Also a good tip is to find a free tool online, like Google keyword generator, to search for high ranking keywords. Use the Google keyword generator to find the keywords with strong local and global searches. You can also use this tool to view the competition on the phrase or word. Don’t be afraid to use 3 to 4 word phrases or Long Tail Keywords, they still rank very well and work great to focus on Local Traffic.

Your next step will be to create a couple Social Media accounts like Twitter or Facebook. Create these accounts with a similar feel to your website. You will also want to write a couple of articles on your website or website’s content and submits those articles to Hubs like Once you have submitted those articles you can link to them using Social Bookmarks like Delicious or Digg.

Finally, your last step will be to submit your websites to local or non local directories depending on your target audience. There are some websites out there that will allow you to do this in bulk for a small fee.

Remember, there is much more to the wonderful world of SEO; this was just a very basic introductory article. SEO is a very powerful tool. As the World Wide Web grows, so will the need for Proper SEO!

By: Brandyn Garske