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From Panda 25 to Penguin 2.0, SEO Spam-Fighting and the Effects

Has your Website been effected by Panda #25 and or Penguin 2.0 Google Algorithm Changes?

On March 14th 2013 we got to see Google’s last Panda update before Panda would be integrated into the core Algorithm. Effects from this role out were seen almost instantly with some websites seeing up to a %40 hit in traffic.

On May 21st 2013 we Google released a Domain Crowding update that reached very deep into the SERPs. This update effected websites as deep as Page 2 and 3. If you were hit with this update you noticed your website to instantly disappear form the Top 100. As a reverse effect, we at Nine0Media noticed our clients climbing in the SERPs, possibly due to competition being “Spammy” and eliminated from Google Top 100. This is just more proof that if you practice White Hat Organic SEO Techniques you will stand a better chance against Algorithm Updates and future Knowledge Graph refreshes.

On May 22nd 2013 we were hit with the 4th Penguin Update, Penguin 2.0. This update came with a lot of hype, but in reality turned out to be moderate compared to earlier Penguin Updates. Matt Cutts of Google states; “the new generation of tech should better stop spam.” With this statement coming from the Head of Google’s Spam fighting division we can almost be certain that websites that we not in compliance to Google Webmaster Guidelines would be effected in one way or another. This is the next generation of Spam-Fighting and the New Penguin 2.0 technology seems to be powerful and is really cleaning up. Some effects from this update were very apparent and some sites reported a significant page positioning loss as well as up to %33 traffic loss. Once again, once such a strong and powerful update it released, your normally see the “Spam” sites disappear and your ‘Quality Content” driven websites start to gain traction in the SERPs. With Bing following close to the Google Index, you can see the negative and positive effects with in Bing as well, just not as dramatic.

IF you were effected at all from these recent “May 2013” Google updates its important to remember some simple facts:

  • Make sure to provide Quality Content for your Users
  • Always Copyscape your content just to make sure there is no Duplicate content
  • Be aware of the ever changing Google Webmaster Guidelines
  • Refrain from over Linking, or Refrain from Linking at all, Quality Content should be powerful enough on its own
  • Practice White Hat SEO techniques and get back to the Basics
  • Remember Website Structure is HUGE and can make a significant difference in the Algorithm updates to come

At Nine0Media are here to help educate and inform our readers and clients. Please feel free to contact us at Nine0Media for an further information on current Google Algorithm updates or and what can be implemented to help with future Knowledge Graph and Algorithm updates to come.

How to Migrate a WordPress Website to a New Host

How to Migrate a WordPress MySQL Database and Transfer a WordPress Website to a New Host

First Step in the WordPress Website Migration is Back up Database of the existing WordPress Website (MySQL Database). To keep this simple, We will refer to this Website as “Website 1”. Create a destination folder for the Database Backups on your Server that you will Designate as your Backup Folder (ie. DB_Backps). Now go to the Hosting Control panel (on Website 1), and find where you can edit the MySQL Database and create a backup of the WordPress Website you are wishing to Migrate. Make sure to record all Database Backup Host Locations, Host user names and as well as passwords. Now FTP into your Server and confirm the Database Backup file. Once the Database File is created and confirmed, you can now begin to remove all Website files from “Website 1” as well as the Domain Name Folder on the Server. Make sure to access your Control Panel and take down the current website Folders.

Now you can Point the New Domain Name (A Record) and Name Servers of “Website 1” to the New Server Location (we will refer to as “Website 2”). Once Name Servers have populated then you can create a destination folder for the WordPress Install (normally named after the domain name). Install the most updated version of WordPress to this Folder. Make sure to create the Installation Location that you will remember, I recommend installing off the root/ directly off the Root Domain and NOT behind a sub-domain Folder. This will allow the WordPress Engine to be the Primary Engine for your Home Page as well as Website.

Once a Fresh (Most Recent) version of WordPress is installed on the New Server, you can then start to import/restore the Database. Create a “/d_b_backups” Folder off the Site /Root. Upload the “Website 1” Database (that you backed-up earlier). Make sure to Create a New Database in MySQL, then Restore the “Website 1” Database over the New Database (make sure to record all Database connection information here).

Final Steps, you will need to FTP into the New Site “Website 2” WordPress Installation and pull down the “wp-config” and “wp-config-sample” files. Here you will be editing the Database connection. This is where you will Edit the Host Location, Host Name, User Name and Password for the Restored MySQL Database connection. These 2 files (WP-Config and WP-Config_Sample) speak to the Database so this is where you need to Edit in the New MySQL Database connection information.

Once the Database has Restored, Type the Domain Name into a Browser and your Website will be completely migrated over to your New Host/ New Server.

If you are running into any errors, like a “Database Can Not Establish Connection Error”, double check your wp-config and wp-config-sample files and make sure you have entered the Correct Credentials and Host Location. If you need further assistance, I found this Video online, this is a Helpful Tutorial as well.

Google+ for Every SEO Strategy

Is Google Forcing Marketers to have to use Google+ with in Marketing and SEO Strategies

Is Google really forcing Marketers to create a Google+ Strategy for SEO? From what we are seeing here at Nine0Media, Yes they are! Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz also demonstrates a few good points that would lead us to think, the big G “Google” is forcing Marketers and SEO strategists into creating, and consistently posting to a Google+ Account or Page. One great example that Rand provides is the search results provided when you search his name (Rand Fishkin), directly under his Name is his Google+ Account Link as well as his most recent Google+ Posts. This is a VERY interesting Video provided by SEOMoz and if you are in Marketing or SEO, this is a MUST SEE!

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Google Page Rank

I have been asked a lot lately how much importance I place on Google Page Rank. I have to admit, lately I do worry less and less about my Page Rank. If you are providing any type of Backlinking (which is highly frowned upon by Google and not condoned here at Nine0Media) then your Page Rank holds as much importance as your Backlink. SEO Moz says it best here in this Video.

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WordPress Web Design Tips – Using Shortcode

Nine0Media WordPress Design Tips – Using Shortcode

Once you have chosen your WordPress Theme and you are ready to start to add your Content, take a minute to review your WordPress Themes Shortcode. I personally use “Text” view when developing Pages or Posts, but if you are a “Visual” view type of Developer then WordPress has made the Shortcode available in the Visual Menu. When in Visual View, Click on the Shortcode Icon in the Gray Menu bar and you can see some of the many options available for your WordPress Theme. Some options may include; 2 Column, 3 Column, Elements, Tabs and even Video or Audio. Utilizing these Shortcode can dramatically increase your Development time and keep the Uniform look of the Theme. A great tip is to add the Sample Data for the Theme and see where the Original Designer utilized the Shortcode and how did they implement the Shortcode with in the Page or Post.

As a WordPress Developer here in San Diego, I have came across some Websites that have been developed by designers that are not using the Shortcode acailable to them within the WordPress Theme. Using Shortcode can save you Development Time which in return you can pass the savings onto your Client and everyone loves Savings!

This has been a WordPress Web Design Tip form Nine0Media, Grand-masters in WordPress Website Design and Development.

How Can the Right Website Design Benefit You

How can a Website Design by Nine0Media Can Benefit You

You need to use web design San Diego CA services when having a professional-looking site matters. One of the major reasons why many choose professional assistance for a website is because generating traffic is so vitally important. The right site will have a major impact on customers’ impressions of your company, and will motivate them to keep visiting your site. Since your site is so vital to the way you do business, you want to use our services to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your website.

Improved-IlluminationGood web design San Diego CA companies will put every effort into making sure that your site gives visitors a good impression of your business. After all, this is often the first interaction that potential customers will have with your company. You want to make sure that all of the necessary information is presented in a way that’s accessible, and entices visitors to become customers or clients. A nice layout, attractive images and well-written text are a winning combination.

One of the most important parts of web design San Diego CA is making sure that your site is optimized to be easily found. There are a lot of good websites out there that simply aren’t getting the traffic that they need. A good designer will make sure that your site is properly optimized from the start, so that you don’t have to worry about whether your site will be found easily. Some of the techniques that you can expect an experienced web design San Diego CA to use include text with several paragraphs, good keyword usage, and relevant headers.

Cole-CanvasSocial media also plays a major role in current web design San Diego CA services. Most companies have realized the importance of using Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites to promote their business. It can be a bit difficult to learn all the ins and outs of using social media when you’re trying to handle other aspects of running your company. You’ll be able to connect with a broader customer base when you take advantage of social networking.

Experienced web design San Diego CA professionals will work with you to make sure your company is represented in the best way possible. Your visitors will be able to get the information that they need, as easily as possible. Most Internet users prefer to do business with companies that have good websites, so you have nothing to lose from using web design San Diego CA.

By: Brandyn Garske